Caring for your E + K wares

Loving your Linen

Caring for your pieces gently and correctly will ensure they last a lifetime.

Please be sure to wash your linen before you use it and weekly there after. Rotating your fitted sheet and alternating with other sheets will ensure you get the very best life span out of your beautiful linen.

Wash inside out and with similar colours

Wash on a cold, gentle wash with plant based liquid detergent. Using a plant based liquid detergent is not only better for the environment but it prevents any residue build up on your linen, causing them to go hard and scratchy.

Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals

Finally dry your lovely pieces of linen gently in the shade, if you need to tumble dry, do so on a low temperature. 

Elka + Kin linen, from our tribe to yours.


Woollen Throws

These throws are hand crafted slowly with love.

Please launder them on a wool wash cycle or hand wash with a plant based detergent. 

Be sure to hang the throw in the sun to completely dry before being stored away to prevent mould.